Weekly Recap #36 (July 2 - July 8, 2018)

It's almost time for TWICE's new summer jam, Dance the Night Away! 


Here's what happened this week:

**July 2, 2018 - **TWICE continued to drop teasers, preparing ONCE for the spectacular summer hit "Dance the Night Away"! First up for individual teasers are NayeonJeongyeon, and Momo

TWICE was also invited to perform at KBS's "Open Concert" to celebrate their 70th anniversary among other veteran artists on July 17th! 

Nayeon also blessed ONCE with two adorable gifts, a V-live featuring her and their manager's dog, Hulk! She played with Hulk and spent 40+ minutes talking to ONCES! Their cute interactions are sure to make everyone including Kookeu jealous! 

V-Live 1 V-Live 2

**July 3, 2018 - **Second round of individual teasers were released! This time featuring SanaJihyo, and Mina ❤️

Their first variety appearance for the "Dance the Night Away" era will be at Idol Room! Scheduled to released on July 10th, a video teasing their appearance was released to show ONCE a quick snippet of how wild and dorky was on the show! 


FUN FACT : The mysterious fruit Mina is holding in her teaser picture is called the pandanus fruit! It typically grows in coastal lowlands, native to Malesia, eastern Australia, and the Pacific Islands! 

**July 4, 2018 - **The final rounds of individual teasers are released featuring Maknae Line, DahyunChaeyoung, and Tzuyu! After all 9 teasers are released, showcasing beautiful smiles of the members on the beach, ONCE around the world were all very hyped about this comeback! 

**July 5, 2018 - **We finally got to see a short clip of the music video, catching a glimpse of the dance and chorus! 

After the music video teaser was released, the album previews were also released! The preview shows all three available versions of the album, with all the add-ons such as photocards and posters! For this special album, there's a special DIY paper postcard included!

After seeing how much ONCE loved Hulk, Nayeon came back with another V-Live with the adorable Hulk! This time other members also came to tease ONCE about their new song and play with the cute puppy

**July 6, 2018 - **A preview video was released for "Dance the Night Away"~! It's a special edit of all the teasers released, both day and night versions, along with an excerpt of their new song!

**July 7, 2018 - **Another day, another teaser! TWICE released a video preview of the two new side tracks, "Chillax" and "Shot thru the heart"! J-line members, Momo, Sana, and Mina wrote the lyrics for "Shot thru the heart"! Even with Korean being their second language, the talented Japanese members of TWICE proved their proficiency by writing lyrics to a whole track!

**July 8, 2018 - **Its D-1 before comeback! TWICE hyped us up with a special D-Day video! One day left before we can *dance the night away with TWICE! *

HAPPY COMEBACK SEASON! Now that "Dance the Night Away" is released, make sure to show TWICE lots and lots of support by streaming their music video with the playlist below ❤️!!