Weekly Recap #35 (June 25 - July 1, 2018)

This week, official teasers started rolling in! "Dance The Night Away" release is close by as July begins. One more week until we Dance The Night Away with TWICE!


Here's what happened this week:

June 25, 2018 -- Album pre-order for "Summer Nights" began.

June 26, 2018 -- Jihyo and Sana held a V-Live with fans as they ate ice-cream. ONCEs were asking for spoilers for the comeback, but the pair were strongly determined to give anything away! But maybe they hinted something small? We'll never know with TWICE.

Jihyo also spoiled that TWICE will be heading to LA, for KCON later this year.

Sana posted on Instagram, calling Jihyo her "partner". Also, she asked fans to find the secret heart in the picture, did you manage to find it?


Their Instagram was updated again, promoting DAY6's new song, "Shoot Me". As expected of TWICE.


June 27, 2018 -- The first group teasers of "Dance The Night Away" were released! We loved the set up and their outfits! Fans had already started to make theories, from the spoilers given from TWICE members.



TWICE's collaboration music video for their OST "I Want You Back" featuring the cast of the movie "Sensei Kunshu" was uploaded in YouTube. Everyone's eagerly waiting for the movie release!

Nayeon held a series of V-Lives for the fans. The girls were doing their jacket shooting for their upcoming Japanese album "BDZ".


June 28, 2018 -- It was TWICE's first anniversary since their debut in Japan! A huge congratulations to the girls for all of their achievements! We hope that the coming years are also filled with success and happiness~

The teaser pictures for members Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Momo were released, all looking beautiful in black!

Nayeon: (1)(2)
Jeongyeon: (1)(2)
Momo: (1)(2)

ONCEs got a sneak peek of the track list for "Summer Nights" which would feature 3 new songs, along with the tracks from "What Is Love?".


June 29, 2018 -- The next set of teasers of, Sana, Jihyo and Mina were also released! We were stunned by their visuals, as always~

Sana: (1)(2)
Jihyo: (1)(2)
Mina: (1)(2)

TWICE performed "What Is Love?" and Wonder Girls' song "So Hot" at the 20th anniversary special of "Music Bank". What a lovely set of performances!

The titles of the other two tracks of "Summer Nights" were posted. ONCEs were left curious who the lyricists of "Shot Thru The Heart" could be.


June 30, 2018 --  The maknae line's teasers were revealed today, showing off their vibrant colors! The excitement for the comeback is increasing!

Dahyun: (1)(2)
Chaeyoung: (1)(2)
Tzuyu: (1)(2)

"Shot Thru The Heart" was written by TWICE's very own Momo, Sana and Mina! A wonderful and surprising announcement for ONCEs who are now filled with thrill and curiosity, counting down the days 'til the release; everyone can't stop talking about it. We're sure the song will song amazing~


Jihyo updated Instagram with videos of herself and Nayeon having fun with filters as they sat in the van after pre-recording an episode 'JTBC's Talk To You' held in KAIST university.

July 1, 2018 -- Another set of group teasers were released for "Dance The Night Away"!



Sana and Jihyo held another V-Live with fans! They talked about shooting the music video for "Dance The Night Away" and also made a promise to ONCEs once "TT" M/V reaches 400 Million Views.

The comeback is now officially a week away! Let's prepare ourselves for "Dance The Night Away" and stream TWICE's music videos too~

Writer: Zeb