Weekly Recap #33 (June 11 - June 17, 2018)

TWICE held their next tour in Singapore this week! It was their second visit to the country after their first tour, when they also recorded TWICE TV!

Here's what happened this week:


June 11, 2018 -- Our Japanese trinity, Momo, Sana and Mina held a series of V-Lives (due to the poor connection) and had a great time talking in their own language. We love to hear them when they talk comfortably!


June 12, 2018 -- The girls returned from Japan, following their Japanese tour!

June 13, 2018 -- TWICE members NayeonJeongyeonJihyoDahyun and Chaeyoung posted on Instagram, reminding the public to vote.


June 14, 2018 -- It was a special day today! Our maknae, Tzuyu, finally turned 19! We hope she had a wonderful day! She also held a V-Live with Chaeyoung, where she thanked fans for their wishes~


ICYMI: "Maknae on Top"

JYP Fans uploaded plenty of beautiful photos for Tzuyu's birthday!


June 15, 2018 -- The music video for TWICE's Japanese OST, the cover of Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" was released. It came as a huge surprise to fans and we loved it so much!

Tzuyu posted photos on Instagram with her birthday banner, along with her cute lunch with Chaeyoung. She thanked fans for spreading positivity and making her day meaningful!


Momo put up photos and videos on Instagram, asking fans if they listened to their OST release for "Sensei Kunshu".


The girls departed to Singapore for their concert. Chaeyoung and Dahyun uploaded cute videos on Instagram from the plane too!

June 16, 2018 -- TWICE arrived in Singapore and held a press conference which was held live.

Nayeon and Momo held a V-Live and gave fans teasers for their upcoming comeback, set to be in July. We can't wait for the release! Thank you for always spoiling us~

June 17, 2018 -- TWICE held their TWICELAND: ZONE 2 concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium! It was another successful night for them, congratulations for the completion!

Dahyun and Momo posted a cute photo and video on Instagram that was taken post-concert.


The maknae trinity also updated Instagram later, thanking Singapore!

The week comes to an end with another successful TWICE concert. The girls will be having a rest before their next, with their comeback coming up next month!