Weekly Recap #32 (June 4 - June 10, 2018)

TWICE just doesn't give ONCE much time to miss them as they announce another comeback for the summer season.


Here's what happened last week:

June 4, 2018 - Tzuyu posted on instagram showing off her baby hair that's been made into fringes along with some photos together with school meal club members! Aren't they so adorable?


June 5, 2018 - 'Hidden track no. V - 5 min. radio ep. 1 "Who is Locker?"' was released through V app with Sana and Momo as DJs, introducing indie singers through their 5 minute radio. It will be set to air every Tuesday 8 PM KST through V app. Don't miss it ONCE!


June 6, 2018 - Nominated by other idols; Nayeon, Sana and Momo participated in the ice bucket challenge to spread awareness about ALS again throughout Korea to help build the first ALS hospital in the country.

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They went over 24 hours so they had to donate to the foundation in addition to doing the challenge itself. Throughout the video you can see the members' earnest expressions in, what the fans think, respect to the cause. A lot of fans started to donate to the cause following TWICE's donation. They really are such  good role models for ONCE.

On the same day, TWICE's official twitter account seemed to have been too excited with the Starbuck's official twitter account mentioning their songs and members too that they couldn't help but reply! Looks like starbucks staffs are ONCE too~


June 7, 2018 - News articles came up about TWICE's first *summer *comeback to be released in July. It was mentioned that the new song is a special gift to ONCEs who have been waiting for them. Looks like another hit from our girls!


news source

TWICE also showed support to Yubin's new song through their instagram

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June 9, 2018 - TWICE held a hi touch event for their 3rd Japanese single 「Wake Me Up」 in Yomiuri Island

ONCEs are surprised as Dahyun and Tzuyu suddenly started a V live knowing that fans misses them during their overseas promotion.


Look at these two cutie pies!
V lives: (1)(2)(3)

June 10, 2018 - Many fans gathered for the second day of TWICE's hi touch event  for their 3rd Japanese single 「Wake Me Up」 in Yomiuri Island.

They also released TWICE TV 2018 ep. 11, giving us a good laugh on a Sunday as Dahyun and Chaeyoung show off their good chemistry as Da-on (Leon) and Chaengtilda (Matilda) for another fun-filled behind the scenes of 'What is Love?' M/V filming.


Sana posts on instagram saying how much she misses ONCEs. uwu

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TWICE will be coming back next month and along with their Asia tour it will be very hectic for the girls. Grateful for another chance to see the girls on stage ONCE all over the world are very supportive and excited for the news! Let's continue showing support to our girls!