Maknae on Top

Maknae on top is a term used when the youngest had the power over the older members in a group. It's a term that fans often relate to Tzuyu but we all know that's not all there is to it.


Tzuyu has been ranked number 1 among TWICE members because she just has that power to make the older members flustered and submit to her words.


One of the memorable JiTzu moment in the waiting room. To a sick Tzuyu, Jihyo said, "I am your medicine" to which Tzuyu replied, "That's why I'm still sick"

Savage Tzuyu is savage!

Her straightforwardness and honesty really do make one tongue-tied but it's one of the characters fans love and cherish about her. Her abrupt, short words can make the whole studio and audience laugh including her own members.

She scolds and corrects the older members if need to (and them listening to her words).

When TWICE were filming in Singapore, Nayeon had been playing with her phone and Tzuyu wasn't afraid to call the older member out. The oldest member immediately put her phone down to which Jeongyeon stated, "Nayeon unnie got scolded by the maknae" that made the other members laugh.


She also scolds Momo for not drinking water. Also, an instance where she reminded another member during 'My little television' that it's bad to be near a microwave.

Her tone and words are as charismatic as the oldest member or maybe more.

She's more mature than her age, having lived in Korea to pursue her dreams at such a young age. She was just 16 yrs old when she debuted.

Going through issues and controversies at an early age must've also strengthened her will.

But no matter how much Tzuyu would seem cold and savage, the fans and the members know how and can confirm that she's indeed TWICE's youngest member.

Our hearts hurt together when she showed tears when she ate home-cooked food, remembering her mom, despite previously not crying when they won first place for the first time.

Time has changed. As TWICE members get closer to each other they could really tell that Tzuyu was actually the member with the most tears.

It wasn't ever a bad thing but it just proves that her cold persona was only probably due to her limited vocabulary in the Korean language.

She's TWICE's precious maknae.


She's being babied by TWICE and ONCE more than one could think of.


Adored than one could think of.


Protected and loved than one could think of.


You've really topped the members with your charisma and innocent charms!
We hope to spend more birthdays and savage moments with you in the future!

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