Kim Dahyun: ONCE’s Pride and Joy

Whether she's your bias or not, you can't deny that she can easily put a smile on your face! From her adorable quirks to her ahjussi-like manners, she's been putting smiles on ONCEs all over the world. For our lovely Dahyun's birthday, here are some reasons why Kim Dahyun is our and TWICE's pride and joy!


1. Brought the Dab Back Into Style

In their title track "Likey", Dahyun had the iconic rap part and the dab. This is arguably the catchiest part of the song and definitely the most eye-catching part of the choreography. After its release, this dab went viral. Celebrities and fans everywhere imitated this catchy dance, many idols can be seen doing the dab to this particular rap part in "Likey". Truly Kim Dahyun, queen of reversing the trends!


2. Ms. Studios Kim Dahyun

Debuting at such a young age meant Dahyun had to attend school while she promotes as a member of TWICE. Juggling both schoolwork and their strict schedule isn't an easy task to accomplish. Not only making her family and members proud but also us, ONCE.

She recently graduated from high school, also sharing to us fans the moment when TWICE members surprised her on her own graduation day.

It's not uncommon for idols to delay their graduation due to busy schedules, but Dahyun was able to graduate with her whole class. All of TWICE and ONCE are very very proud of our Dahyun.


3. Eagle Eye Dahyun

Who says talent are only limited to dancing and singing?! One talent that ONCE knew Dahyun for is her ability to catch cameras. Whether it's on stage, at the airport, or during variety show filming, Dahyun never misses the chance to show her face on the camera. It even sometimes gives us goosebumps and a constant smile on our faces!


4. The leader of School Meal Club

Other than being in charge of lead rapper and official ball of sunshine in TWICE, Dahyun is also known for her role as the leader of School Meal Club. With their eternal leader, Dahyun 'unnie' leading the other two maknaes in their daily shenanigans. Who wouldn't love precious interactions from the youngest trinity in TWICE? They even had their own vlive series, School Meal Club adventures.

More of their shenanigans in this V!


5. Neomuhae

It's an obvious fact that TT is one of TWICE's most popular songs, both locally and worldwide. It pulled great results from both digital and physical charts, even with the Japanese version showing great results in Japan. Part of the reason why the song is so catchy and popular is attributed to Dahyun. Her killing part, "neomuhae" in the chorus has become a viral sensation everywhere. Her adorable face and singing voice brought in millions of views to their performance videos and made the song even better than the masterpiece that it is. "Neomuhae" will always be one of the most popular killing parts in their discography, and it's all thanks to Dahyun perfect execution of the line. Once again, Kim Dahyun proves her power to make things trend.


6. Queen of Uncle Style

While many know Dahyun as the adorable little tofu with girly fashion and adorable locks of hair, she has a side that came out that shocked many. While on vacation, Dahyun left their hotel in a fashion that one can only describe as, an uncle. Giving her the new nickname, Dub-Jussi, Dahyun stunned many with her comfortable fashion, consisting of pajamas pants, loose t-shirt, slippers, and a towel acting as a neck scarf. A complete contrast to what ONCE are used to, this gave us another side of Dahyun to love and adore, we never know what Dahyun will surprise us with next. 


7. Most extra of them all

One of her set roles in TWICE is the extra one. While all the TWICE members have their own ways of showing off their talent and having fun, Dahyun does it in a way that sets her apart. A great example is in their Twiceland V-Live, where the girls danced along to popular songs, but they set their own stage for Dahyun to dance in a very extra manner to Fire by BTS among other songs. Her silly personality and shameless manners allows her to be the most extra of them all and never fails to bring laugh. Watching a video of Dahyun being her extra self will sure to brighten up your day!

8. Variety Queen

Throughout all their variety show appearances, Dahyun is always the one to bring waves of laughter to the MCs and viewers. Her extra personality, as mentioned in #7, makes her easily stand-out from the other guests. Whether it's her extra dance covers, cringeworthy aegyo, or shameless manners, Dahyun never fails to make the viewers die from laughter. A part of what makes her so lovable is she's willing to sacrifice her image to entertain others, a true hero among us. ONCE are grateful to have such a great entertainer in our favorite group, making stanning them even better.

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9. Meme Legend

Another part of making stanning Dahyun even better (which is hard because she's already so amazing!!) is her ability to produce memes with zero effort. Another great thing that can be attributed by her extraness, her expressive face makes it easy to screenshot and make great memes out of. Other than screenshots, Dahyun gives ONCE great materials to meme such as her church video of her doing the eagle dance, her Sixteen 1st performance, and her random English phrases. It's never a boring day when you have Dahyun videos to watch!


10. Perfect pitch

Our Dahyun has a rare trait for a musician, a perfect pitch! TWICE members and ONCE themselves were blown away with her immense talent as a musician that Jeongyeon even asked why she raps instead! She can play the piano and even play music by ear! Everyone fell in love with her this day and you can't deny that seeing this side of her is one of the best things that happened in your entire stanning life with TWICE.

Watch this V and fall in love!


11.  A smile that Takes All Your Worries Away

Dahyun's job is an idol, after all, this means days filled with schedules and barely any break time. Even with this busy schedule, she always has a bright smile on her face, radiating happiness whenever she's working. At such a young age, Dahyun has been through a lot of hardships, such as trainee years and putting her life out in public for the world to see. She has always put on a happy front in front of ONCE, wearing a smile that's proved to be better than medicine, guaranteed to treat sickness and lethargy in a second (maybe). We are so so so grateful to have such a ball of sunshine in our lives, putting the Sun itself out of business because of her smile. It's a blessing that a beautiful, bright, and talented girl like Dahyun debuted in TWICE because it wouldn't be the same without her, and that is why Dahyun is our pride and joy!



Happy Birthday! to our favorite ball of energy!!! We'll be with you in more extra years to come!

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